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We offer a wide variety of paper products that cater to any occasion.

To find the right product to suit your needs, choose from one of the six main product categories below:

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Black Gold
(FSC® certified paper)

Blackgold is a deep black paper with high smoothness. It is produced without the use of Carbon Black pigment (making it particularly suitable for hot foil printing). Blackgold is finger print resistant with high abrasion durability.

Carta Elega Food Board
(FSC® certified board)

Carta Elega is a triple-coated bleached paper board with a white-coated back made. It is lightweight with excellent stiffness and produces premium print quality suitable for smart brand packaging.

(FSC® certified paper)

Majestic consists of an exclusive text and cover range that uses sophisticated combinations of pigmented coatings and colours to create the shimmering surfaces and effects. It is ideal for all creative communication and packaging purposes with its excellent print and finishing properties.

(FSC® certified paper)

Twist has a unique surface combining strength with fibre on one side, making it ideal for creative applications, as well as packaging and retail opportunities.