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Allegro Gloss Art and Matt Art
(FSC® certified paper)

Allegro is a triple-coated fine paper with a pH value of 8. It is a good all-round printing paper with excellent opacity and dimensional stability

Dolce Vita
(FSC® certified paper)

Dolce Vita is a natural paper ennobled by a pigmentation which enhance the printing results close to a matt coated paper. The optimal rigidity and the high bulk factor makes it suitable for any printing and packaging applications. Dolce Vita is produced with 100% green energy generated from renewable sources and it helps to reduce CO2 emissions.

Japan Superkote Paper

Japan Superkote Art Paper is a glossy coated printing paper well suited for application such as brochures, inserts, magazines and posters. Its smooth, glossy surface further enhances the overall effect of the printed image, giving it a shiny finish and 'picture perfect' feel.

Japan White A Art card
(FSC® certified paper)

White A Artcard is a 2-sided white card with light coating from Japan. It is a versatile board that offers great flexibility in terms of applications.

Korea Neo Knight Artcard

Neo Knight is a 2-sided coated card with good bulkiness in a single layer. It produces excellent print quality.