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Carta Elega Food Board
(FSC® certified board)

Carta Elega is a triple-coated bleached paper board with a white-coated back made. It is lightweight with excellent stiffness and produces premium print quality suitable for smart brand packaging.

Incada Duo Display Board
(FSC® certified board)

Display board has outstanding rigidity, strength and lightness, making it very suitable for displaying and mounting purposes. A pH neutral white board with flat smooth surface, it works well with adhesives and glue.

Japan Coaster Board

Japan Coaster board is made from bleached uncoated pulp board and the top side is specially treated to better absorb moisture.

Kleannara Box Board

Kleannara Box Board is a high-efficiency packaging board made of recycled paper and virgin pulp. It has outstanding strength, excellent printability, and formability with economic efficiency.

Solidus Grey Board
(Made of FSC® Recycled 100% pulp)

Solidus Grey Board is a graphic board with 3 layers glued by an adhesive based on polyvinyl alcohol. There are 3 eminent features: perfect rigidity, flatness and smoothness. The dimensional stability of the board ensures the product remains flat and stable in different climates. And the superior flatness with constant calipers and sizes, ascertain excellent running on processing machines. Last of all, the smooth surface of Solidus board has the right absorption capacity to allow quick and economical gluing.

Technical Board
(FSC® certified board)

Technical board is smooth, stiff, stable, and widely known for its quality finish and performance. It gives top-quality screen, offset and digital printing results.