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Black Gold
(FSC® certified paper)

Blackgold is a deep black paper with high smoothness. It is produced without the use of Carbon Black pigment (making it particularly suitable for hot foil printing). Blackgold is finger print resistant with high abrasion durability.

Clean Room Paper

Clean Room paper is produced with selected pulp and 100% dissolvable dust-free resin-impregenated paper to achieve ultra low dust emission suitable for use in clean room condition. It is also an acid- free paper with no discoloring, rusting or erosion impact when in contact with metal.

Kantac Sticker Mirrokote & Woodfree

The label stickers are available in 2 surface finish: Mirrokote and Woodfree from Japan (Kantac). Kantac sticker has a thicker adhesive paper and comes in both yellow and white release paper.

(FSC® certified paper)

Majestic consists of an exclusive text and cover range that uses sophisticated combinations of pigmented coatings and colours to create the shimmering surfaces and effects. It is ideal for all creative communication and packaging purposes with its excellent print and finishing properties.

(FSC® certified paper)

A single sided tactile material that feels like cloth yet behaves like paper. Softy is extremely strong and reacts well to die-cutting and folding and, of course, print, making it ideal for packaging as well as other creative applications.

(FSC® certified paper)

Twist has a unique surface combining strength with fibre on one side, making it ideal for creative applications, as well as packaging and retail opportunities.

Yupo Paper, Board and Label

Yupo is a superior synthetic paper manufactured with Polypropylene as the main material. Available in White colour, Yupo has 5 outstanding properties: * Excellent waterproof capability * Strong & tear resistant * Resistant to grease & chemical * Extremely smooth surface for high print quality * Environmental friendly and recyclable All these make Yupo a very versatile and flexible paper suitable for both consumer and industrial usage.