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We offer a wide variety of paper products that cater to any occasion.

To find the right product to suit your needs, choose from one of the six main product categories below:

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Allegro Gloss Art and Matt Art
(FSC® certified paper)

Allegro is a triple-coated fine paper with a pH value of 8. It is a good all-round printing paper with excellent opacity and dimensional stability

(FSC® certified paper)

Divina is a versatile paper with a natural and soft feel. It is available in seven weights and two shades and specifically designed for high level publishing.

Koehler Embossed Board
(FSC® certified paper)

Koehler embossed board has a 2 sided embossing with excellent surface aging resistant that ensure high colour print consistency. It has a homogenous paper formation with strong rigidity and durability.

(FSC® certified paper)

Tauro is an uncoated paper made with 100% pure virgin pulp which gives it a natural texture and exceptional level of print quality.

Tracing Paper
(FSC® certified paper)

Tracing Paper contains no optical brightener and is naturally white with a high level of transparency. It is acid-free, chlorine-free and can withstand repeated erasing and redrawing. Produced under strict industrial standard, it eliminates curl, ensures continual flatness and is food contact safe.