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Black Gold
(FSC® certified paper)

Blackgold is a deep black paper with high smoothness. It is produced without the use of Carbon Black pigment (making it particularly suitable for hot foil printing). Blackgold is finger print resistant with high abrasion durability.

Conqueror Range
(FSC® certified paper)

The Conqueror brand name is well known for its superb product excellence. In the market for more than 100 years, the Conqueror watermark, which is available on all papers up to 120gsm, stand for quality, originality and class. Available in 4 finishes: Laid, Contour, Wove and ultra Smooth CX22, Conqueror also provides their papers and boards in a variety of tints.

(FSC® certified paper)

Divina is a versatile paper with a natural and soft feel. It is available in seven weights and two shades and specifically designed for high level publishing.

Dolce Vita
(FSC® certified paper)

Dolce Vita is a natural paper ennobled by a pigmentation which enhance the printing results close to a matt coated paper. The optimal rigidity and the high bulk factor makes it suitable for any printing and packaging applications. Dolce Vita is produced with 100% green energy generated from renewable sources and it helps to reduce CO2 emissions.

Efalin Book Binding
(FSC® certified paper)

Efalin is the perfect covering for books and binders as it is extremely strong and has very good processing characteristics. Hence, this makes it highly resistant to dirt and moisture. In fact, it can be wiped clean with cloth.

(FSC® certified paper)

Majestic consists of an exclusive text and cover range that uses sophisticated combinations of pigmented coatings and colours to create the shimmering surfaces and effects. It is ideal for all creative communication and packaging purposes with its excellent print and finishing properties.

MG Bleached Kraft Paper (Poster paper)

Japan MG Bleached Kraft paper is commonly known as Poster Paper. The paper is white on both side but the top surface is specially coated and the underside is a woodfree backing. Poster paper is highly used for production of paper shopping bags and packaging wraps.

(FSC® certified paper)

A single sided tactile material that feels like cloth yet behaves like paper. Softy is extremely strong and reacts well to die-cutting and folding and, of course, print, making it ideal for packaging as well as other creative applications.

(FSC® certified paper)

Tauro is an uncoated paper made with 100% pure virgin pulp which gives it a natural texture and exceptional level of print quality.

(FSC® certified paper)

Twist has a unique surface combining strength with fibre on one side, making it ideal for creative applications, as well as packaging and retail opportunities.