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Clean Room Paper

Clean Room paper is produced with selected pulp and 100% dissolvable dust-free resin-impregenated paper to achieve ultra low dust emission suitable for use in clean room condition. It is also an acid- free paper with no discoloring, rusting or erosion impact when in contact with metal.

Efalin Book Binding
(FSC® certified paper)

Efalin is the perfect covering for books and binders as it is extremely strong and has very good processing characteristics. Hence, this makes it highly resistant to dirt and moisture. In fact, it can be wiped clean with cloth.

Japan Kishu Nachi Woodfree (Normal Colors)

An excellent product from the Kishu mill, Nachi Colour Woodfree, is available in a complete range of text and board. There are 33 colours for your selection, from pastel to vibrant and bright shades. The smooth finishing with superb ink absorbency and toner adhesion makes it suitable for PPC (high speed copier), Laser and Deskjet printing. Highly recommended for brochures, table menu and flyers.

Japan Sakura Colour Card

Japan Sakura colour card is produced with a combination of recycled and virgin pulp. It is mainly made into paper folders, product tags and used for art & craft purposes.

(FSC® certified paper)

Twist has a unique surface combining strength with fibre on one side, making it ideal for creative applications, as well as packaging and retail opportunities.