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(FSC® certified paper)

Divina is a versatile paper with a natural and soft feel. It is available in seven weights and two shades and specifically designed for high level publishing.

Hi-White Board
(FSC® certified paper)

Hi-White Ivory is an excellent uncoated smooth/matt surface board. It is more long-lasting and highly recommended for full-colour graphic applications.

Japan Sakura Colour Card

Japan Sakura colour card is produced with a combination of recycled and virgin pulp. It is mainly made into paper folders, product tags and used for art & craft purposes.

Orbit Bond
(FSC® certified paper)

Orbit Bond is a high quality bond paper from United Kingdom with watermark. Available in Ultra White shade and in 85 gsm, it is suitable for both laser and desktop printing.

(FSC® certified paper)

Tauro is an uncoated paper made with 100% pure virgin pulp which gives it a natural texture and exceptional level of print quality.

Zanders Cards
(FSC® certified paper)

Zanders Embossed and Super white board is an uncoated paper with linen and smooth finishin. It is highly versatile for everyday applications

Zanders Reflex Special Paper
(FSC® certified paper)

Reflex Special is a high quality non-coated bond paper from Zanders. Available in extremely white shade and wove surface, the paper is a favourite medium for commercial correspondence.